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Minimizing Risks


BRA Certificadora is a 100% Brazilian boutique service with a profound expertise recognized in certification, auditing, inspection and Consulting segment.  

We perform in specific service niches which we have total conviction that we must accomplish the mission of aggregate effective value to our clients and partners.

Our team is composed by high skilled professionals with consolidated experience in the segments where we perform. They pass through ongoing and updating training process to be recognized as a technical labor force reference in the market.

We are very strict to comply with the rules, regulation and requirements with impartiality and transperancy in our activities. We offer efficiency, gentleness and agility to our clients and work with ethics and integrity in the relationship with all interested parties.

A strategic partnership of companies who want to profit with the credibility and quality of our services to leverage their business, aggregate value for their final clients, ensure sustainability and longevety of their operations.

Integrity and efficiency in everything we do.This is BRA CERTIFICADORA culture.



Tiago Martins

Executive Director

Production engineer with a postgraduate degree in Finance Management and in Economy and Sustainability Management. Since 2003, he works in the Brazilian oil and gas industy. Martins performs in Management, Certification, Accreditation, Comformity, Teamwork Leadership, Mapping and Process Improvement, with a profound accumulated experience in normatzation and regulation -ISSO 9001, ISSO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10012, ISO/ IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO 37001, Brazil Institute of Metrology Standardization and Indusrial Quality rule and Brazil Oil and Gas Regulator (ANP) resolutions. Martins is responsible for the initial accreditation, expansion and maintenance of BRA accreditation along with INMETRO General Coordination of Accreditation. He is also responsible for the analysis of niches where the company performs, the relationship with strategic partners, Innovation and corporate management of the company. He also led a teamwork who developed and maintain the first Certification Program of Anti-Bribery Management System in Brazil.


Elmar Mourão

Technical Manager and Local Content Certification Manager

With a postgraduate degree in Oil and Gas by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Mourão is one of the best experts in E&P and Brazil’s local content certification (Brazil Oil and Gas Regulator and Brazil National Development Bank). He attended as speaker and panelista in several conferences, seminars and events in Brazil and overseas. He performed as Industrial Projects Manager, having more than 35 years of experience and great understanding of civil engineering projects and oil and gas projects (UPSTREAM, MIDSTREAM and Downstream). He also has more than 20 years of experience as a technical manager in some of the most important Engineering and Construction companies - Prover Eletro; Hirsa Automation Systems, ABS – American Bureau of Shipping and NSG Consulting. He works for more than 10 years as professor for postgraduate courses in Oil and Gas, Industrial Maintanance and Safety Engineering in several universities in Brazil, including Getúlio Vargas Foundation.


Arthur Dorigo

Compliance Solutions Manager

Dorigo is a lawyer graduated in Candido Mendes University, with postgradate degree in Environmental Law and SHEQ Management in the Oil and Gas Industry. He holds specialization degree in Anti-bribery Compliance for the Energy Sector by Brazil Oil and Gas Institute (IBP) and Audit Leader with ISSO 37001 certfication ( Anti-bribery Management System). Possui profundo conhecimento e experiência em leis e diretrizes anticorrupção nacionais e internacionais (Lei 12846/13 e Decreto 8420/2015, FCPA, UKBA, diretrizes da OCDE e da Transparência Internacional/ONU Anticorrupção e Antissuborno). He also has a profound knowledge and expertise in National and International Anti-bribery Legislation (Brazil legislation, FCPA, UKBA, OCDE and International Transparency guidelines / UN Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery). He also holds more than 10 years of experience in SHEQ Management services as well as judicial services for oil and gas Industry. Those services are related to integrity, analysis, judicial opinion and judicial claims – focus in bidding process both public and private. He teaches Integrity, Compliance and Ethics in BRA CERTIFICADORA training center (In the company and for general public). He also took part in the Development of the first Certification Program of Anti-Bribery Management System in Brazil developed by BRA CERTIFICADORA.