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Certification for Public Road Lighting Luminaire

BRA Certificadora is accredited in INMETRO General Accreditation Coordination, being qualified to issue Obliged Public Road Lighting Luminaire Certification.

Luminaire Certification System

BRA Certificadora Public Road Lighting Luminaire Certification was designed to meet all the conformity evaluation and Inmetro guidelines.

This process comprehends phases of document analysis, product or families testing and Quality Management System Auditing based on INMETRO regimentation.

Companies who hold BRA Certificadora Certification are able to receive authorization for using Conformity Seal for Public Road Lighting Luminaires such as:

We are more than a certifier

We take care of the Management Process and seek to ensure the minimum technical requirements for luminaries safety and performance, after being submitted to annual tests in accredited laboratories that prove compliance with the mandatory requirements.

The manufacture and import of public luminaires with the INMETRO seal is a mandatory requirement.

BRA Certificadora is a strategic partner of companies that want to obtain the ENCE Seal (Energy Conservation National Badge) with the manufacturer’s information, the public luminaire data and registration number issued by INMETRO itself.

Certification Models