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Certifications and solutions in compliance

General Inspections of Materials, Equipment and Productive Systems-home
Anti-corruption Management System Certification
General Inspections of Materials, Equipment and Productive Systems-home
Unprecedented, exclusive, complete and permanently updated program from BRA Certificadora
General Inspections of Materials, Equipment and Productive Systems-home
Ensures full compliance with ISO 37001 (anti-bribery) and advances on all other corruption risks
General Inspections of Materials, Equipment and Productive Systems-home
Translates into requirements all the main guidelines, standards and laws (fcpa, ukba, 8,420/2015, pro-ethics / cgu, un, oecd)

Anti-corruption Management System Certification

BRA Certificadora Anti-corruption Managament System Certification Program is the most complete certification program in the market. It is always updated, translated into the requirements the main guidelines, rules and legislation which aim bribery, corruption and other bad practices (cartels, money laundering, fraud in tenders among others).

This program was created by a teamwork composed of experts in certification, comformity and compliance led by BRA Certificadora Executive Director Tiago Matins and Rafael Gomes, who was his partner in Ivestigation and Compliance at Chediak Law Firm and former Petrobras Governance and Comformity director.

I have accepted the partnership to develop Bra Certificadora Anti-corruption Management System Certification Program because its unprecedent innitiative and its pioneering in the search for new compliance tools. This program came in a moment which society demans more actions to fight against corruption.
Rafael Gomes
Petrobras Former Governance
and Conformity director

 BRA Certificadora Anti-corruption Managament System Certification Program is certified by CREATe Compliance, which can be applied in more than 100 countries where the institution has offices, including the United States of America.

BRA Certificadora Anti-corruption Managament System Certification Program holds a vast auditing and anti-corruption certification service that identifies the requirements of national and international legislation and rules. Those services have become very importante for companies that need to ensure better practices of its programs and design them efficiently to reduce risks of corruption.
Leslie Benton
Vice President
CREATe Compliance

Our Program


BRA Certificadora offers training aimed at properly interpreting the requirements for companies that are starting or in the process of implementing the Anti-Corruption or Anti-Bribery Management System.



Through BRA Certificadora Anti-corruption Managament System Certification Program, which is in conformity with FCPA, UKBA, Brazil Anti-Corruption Law, our certified auditing team is capable to provide GAP Analysis services with focus in specific segments:

International Trade

Designed for foreign companies who have or want to establish trade relations (Supply companies, client or partners) with Brazilian companies. This Gap Analysis will evaluate integrity practices and programs of the Brazilian commercial partner with the perspective of BRA requirement program, according with our exclusive methodology and respecting the legislation and anticorruption guidelines of the International trade partner’s country.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Designed for foreign companies that plan to carry out merger/acquisition of Brazilian companies, this GAP Analysis will evaluate the company’s integrity practices program, applying all BRA requirement program as well as our exclusive auditing methodology.
This analysis includes:


This analysis is designed for foreign companies who intend to establish any kind of relationship with Brazilian companies and want to make sure about the implementation and efficacy of Anti-bribery Management System, even if the company holds ISSO 37001 certification. The focus will be be the integrity program effectiveness along with criteria and methodology applied for certification issuing, based on BRA differentiated auditing method.

The Final Report will be transparente and objective, identifying, classifying and detailing the current existing risks, highlighting the main risks, including final recommendation for the safe improvement of the partnership.

Pro-Ethical Company Seal

Pro-ethical Company Seal of Brazil Comptroller General of the Union, in a partnership with Ethos Institute, is a bienal and voluntary recognition awarded by Brazil Transparency Ministry for companies that implemente and develop their own Integrity Program in comformity with the Ministry requirements.

CGU Auditing methodology is 100% remote, focus in documents and registers delivered to CGU team.

We do local audit in all integrity program, with focus in requirements demanded by CGU and according with the level of current comformity demanded. The Final Repor is objective and transparente, showing the existing gaps in the compay’s Integrity Program to be in comformity with CGU requirements such as – no comformity of procedures and policies, failure report, reports that never existed, opportunities of betterment etc.

Our goal is to reduce risks and help the company to achieve the necessary points to reach Pro-Ethical Seal.