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Corporate Governance

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When Corporate Governance is well conducted and implementated is capable to guide and control any type of business, ensuring its logenvity.

CONCERTIF® - First Advisory Board Certification in Brazil

BRA Certificadora and the Studies Center for Leadership and Integral Governance is aware of the importance of training professionals for better practices. They add expertise to the joint venture CELINTBRA to provide innovative Solutions in Governance, eyeing to develop companies their business and their leaders.

Consultative Advisory Certification is a product of this partnership, which works to help companies to create a temwork suitable to their needs and goals. The innitiative aims to meet the market demand, once the Consultative Advisory has been pointed as a new frontier of Corporate Governance.

Small and Medium companies are aware of the importance of Corportate Governance. They are not obliged to hold a Board of Directors, they have voluntary opted to create a Consultative Board.

The challenge relies on the lack of clear references to help to choose professionals to the Consultative Board. How do we choose the members? How do we identify and determin consultative members who better suit the Organization needs? What are the requirements that can be used to choose them?

ConCertif® is the solution

The certification is provided in three phases (1,2,3), differentiated by formation, skills and gained experience by the member. Renewing every two years, the certification is a reference for the market to choose and compose the Consultative Board.

The first step of every member with ConCertif® seal (Level 1) is the exclusive attendence in the Consultative Board Formation which the member will have the opportunity to update its concepts and good practices applied to Corporate Governance, expanding his view on concepts and compliance tools and risk analysis.

PRODIR® - Administrative Council International Certification

International Partnership

Working to provide best solutions, BRA Certificadora is also partner and exclusive representative of the Canadian company Professional Director Inc. which is responsible for PRO.DIR® Advisory Board International Certification, Professional Director Certification Program, College degree certification, with international recognition.

PRO.DIR® works with the main practices, rules and guidelines of Corporate Governance for North America’s and Europe’s publicly traded companies, with special highlights on the Canadian scenario.

100% online Qualification

Composed of Five Modules and 100% online, this program allows exclusive access to users through video, articles, samples and presentations, along with a Quiz at the end of each module. With the local support from BRA Certificadora and CELINT professionals throughout the whole program, the user can determine the rhythm according to his availability. After the conclusion of all modules, the user will do a practical test to confirm his knowledge to obtain the certification.

Professional Director®, Pro.Dir®, The Professional Director Certification Program® and Pro.Dir.Gov® are the Governance Solutions Inc.’s and Professional Director Inc.’s trade marks.