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General Inspection of Materials, Equipment and Productive Systems

BRA Certificadora is licensed to provide inspection of materials, equipment and systems according to its clients’ needs.

Tracking of Documents

Inspection, analysis of the product documentation in accordance with current rules (ASME, ASTM NBR, ANSI, ISSO, IEC etc.) and meeting the contract requirements. Evaluation and elaboration of the Inspection and Test Plan and issuing of the Material Liberation Certification.

Conformity of Product

Facility inspection and final manufacturing inspection, including tests and functional tests for each case (X-Ray, penetrating liquid, hydrostatic, Borescope, functional etc.).

Equipment and Productive Systems Updated Diagnosis

Inspection to identify current conditions, functional tests, integrity report with images and updated technical data.

Identification, Inventory and Preservation of Appropriated Materials

Identification and inventory of stocked items; elaboration of criteria for preservation identification of appropriated materials for suitable conditioning; issuing of detailed reports with information and post-conditioning images.