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BRA Certificadora created the first Anti-Corruption Management System Program Certification in Brazil

BRA Certificadora created the first Consultant Advisers Certificaton in Brazil (in a partneship with CELINT)

BRA Certificadora brought the first Business Administration International Certification to Brazil

In the early 2010s, professionals who are BRA Certifcadora leaders today, realized the importance of having a tool which enables organizations to establish guidelines to allow business and professional relations based on ethics, integrity and governance. In doing that the company meets the demand of its clients, suppliers, stakeholders and society as a whole.

With the expertise of its leaders, BRA began the development of its portfolio linked to the theme, highlighting services on Compliance, Governance and Risks, some of them unprecedent in Brazil, either differentiated home made Solutions or solutions internationally recognized.


BRA Solutions provide companies, contributors, partners and stakeholders to meet, under a measurable and objective standard, its main guidelines, legislation and best National and International comformity practices, an impartial and precise certification and diagnosis of their Products, system, projects, contracts and integrity programs, capacitation on ethic and integrated behaviour, and corporate governance based on concetps and good practices developed and tested in the main economies in the world; management risk ongoing Support, mapping and process improvement. All those Solutions are based on the transparency principles, ongoing Solutions and ongoing process improvement.


BRA Certificadora is a Brazilian company which works in the certification, auditing, consulting and inspection segment. Our team is composed of high skiled and seasoned professionals who work to have ongoing qualification and recognized as a technical reference in the market.

We strictly perform to comply with the rules, regulations and requirements in our working process with impartiality, efficiency and agility to meet its clients demand.


“One of the Local Content Certification services, with the best technical qualifications provided by Mr Elmar Mourão who has been with us for a long time and always provided us a high quality service. Currently, BRA is one of the best Certification Company in Brazil, indeed. We are still counting on its services.”
Antonio Carlos Bernardo Ferreira
Local Content and Commercial Department - Schlumberger
“The positions adopted by Bra during the local content certification process show a highly professionalism standard of this certification company. It is amazing the commitment of having the understanding of the Oil & Gas Industry for a better and right certification framework”.
Jose Agostinho de Barros
Local Content Manager - REPSOL SINOPEC Brasil S.A.
"BRA Certificadora is our partner for roughly two years. Perfoming in Electric Equipment Certification and Local Content Certification. It is very impressive the way the company work with its cliente, acting very strictly to comply with all the requirements and at the same time with gentleness, transparency and objectivity. BRA always points the real situation case by case and possible ways for solutions.and credibility that we did not know by then in the certification segment.”
José Carlos Santos
Supply Coordinator - Hirsa Automation and Controlling Systems